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> >There are quite a few conlangs with detailed descriptions on the
> web.  You
> >might want to check out one of the many conlang links lists such
> as Jeffrey
> >Henning's at:
> I'm getting information from that list, but I wanted to get
> permission from
> anyone who is willing to have their web page text reproduced
> directly in the
> book; I'm not going to copy directly from the web pages without
> permission.

Yes, that would be wise.

> >My amman iar Reference Grammar is pretty detailed.  Check it out at:
> >
> May I use a shortened version of your grammar in the book? There
> doesn't seem
> to be much point in rewriting the grammar from scratch for the book,
> especially since yours is so thorough already.

Feel free to except whatever you feel might be useful.  I would only ask to
preview what you select to insure that it is not taken out of context.

Good luck,

David E. Bell
The Gray Wizard
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