> I find this *very* elegant and admire it quite a bit.
> Okay, I wrote the previous sentence and *then* realized that I have the
> same thing in my conlang, only under a different name.  Go figure ;).
> In Yivríndil the particle is the less aesthetic 'ef', and the above
> sentence would be:
> Al sémayo ef Bob
> I am-called Quot Bob.
> >   Sa itse ia hio'
> >   they said Quot yes
> >   "They said yes"
> Same deal in Yivríndil:
> Ela peyyal ef ké.
> They said Quot yes.

Italian has:

Hanno detto di sě.
They said of yes.

where 'of' is a Quot particle.

On the other hand, we have:

Mi chiamo Luca
litt.: I call myself Luca
My name's Luca

where there is no Quot particle.