On Tuesday, February 6, 2001, at 06:30 PM, JörgRhiemeier wrote:

> >       2.)it's designed to be an
> > excellent "first" language for my kids.
> You are really going to do THAT???  Have your children grow up with a
> language that no-one else speaks outside their core family?  I consider
> this MONSTROUSLY unadvisable, as it might result in SEVERE mental
> development disorders.  (I am not a pyschologist, but common sense alone
> tells me that this cannot be good for your children.)

I do hope you intend to teach them a real language as well.

I wouldn't think it would do harm for them to grow up
bilingual (natlang + conlang)?  But conlang only would
not be good.  Any psychologists on the list?

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