Andreas Johansson wrote:
> Hm what about this: A lang where the only difference between the following
> sentences 'd be the case inflextion on the wrod for "wall":
> He walks to the wall (and stops there).
> He walks into (the inside of) the wall.
> He walks from the wall.
> He walks out from inside the wall.
> He walks inside the wall.
> He walks through the wall.
> Is there any natlang with sufficient cases for this?

As already mentioned, Finnish has most of those.  Uatakassí also does:

Vannástassi piningúsiis (Vannástassi = (s)he is walking; piningúsii =
wall, -s = allative)
Vannástassi piningúsiiba (-ba = illative)
Vannástassi piningúsiita (-ta = ablative)
Vannástassi piningúsiidu (-du = ellative)
Vannástassi piningúsiika (-ka = inessive; assuming you mean "he walks
around inside the wall)
Vannástassi piningúsiibav (-bav = perillative)

There's also:
Vannástassi piningúsiiv (-v = locative), he walks on the wall
Vannástassi piningúsiini (-ni = perlative), he walks along the wall
Vannástassi piningúsiidi (-di = circumlocative), he walks near the wall
Vannástassi piningúsiigu (-gu = circumablative), he walks away from [the
vicinity of] the wall
Vannástassi piningúsiima (-ma = circumallative), he walks toward [the
vicinity of] the wall
Vannástassi piningúsiiman (-man = circumperlative), he walks parallel to
the wall

Notes: Frequently, the last three cases are rarely used in Classical
Uatakassí, being replaced by ablative, allative, and circumlocative or
perlative.  Circumlocative is sometimes used as an exlocative (outside
of).  Some of the local cases also have other, non-local, uses.  Also,
three other non-local cases could be used, tho with strained meanings:

Vannástassi piningúsiili (-li = instrumental), he walks with the aid of
the wall?, he walks because of the wall?
Vannástassi piningúsiina (-na = benefactive), he walks for [the benefit
of] the wall
Vannástassi piningúsiin (-n(an) = commitative), he walks with the wall,
along with the wall

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