Jörg Rhiemeier wrote:

> 1. Some fictional languages display combinations of features not
> attested in natlangs.  For example, I have heard multiple times that no
> active language has yet been found that marks nouns for case that way -
> those that are known are all head-marking.  But several case-marking
> active languages exist in the realm of fiction (e.g. Nur-ellen and I
> think also Chevraqis).

And Rinya! :)  And Georgian. Of course, Georgian could be argued
to be a head-marking language because of all the stuff you put on
the verb root, but it does inflect NPs for case. And Georgian displays
active alignment in the aorist tense by marking the NPs with different
case suffixes. So it should count as a case-marking active natlang.

Svan and Laz also work as Georgian. Ts'ova-Tush (or Bats) has optional
free-standing pronouns which are marked for case with active alignment
(although there is obligatory agreement marking on the verb) so you
_could_ count Tso'va-Tush as well.

That makes for at least four natlangs and at least three conlangs.


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