a. Maths - English.  I've tried counting in Brithenig but I just can't
do it naturally.  The Zen Master Aitken Roshi once observed that no
matter how many languages people learn they revert back to their first
language for counting.  This is true of me at least.

b. Crying - English. Spot the YAMES*

c. Prayer - English again, as above.  When a bad memory upsets me I
release with a glossolalic ejaculation (decently and privately thank
you) which may be a phrase or even just an exhalation.

- andrew.

* Yet Another Monolingual English Speaker!
Andrew Smith, Intheologus                       [log in to unmask]

Hey, these instructions are in three different languages...
It starts in English, but then it goes into French and Spanish...
It's hard to believe this model is for ages six and up...
You have to be tri-lingual just to read the instructions...
 - Hobbs, Weirdos from Another Planet.