> > Oh please marry me before some other geek picks you up! ;-)
><languish sigh, wink>  Alas, alack--I'm committed to my boyfriend of
>three years, who is a physics geek and is not at all fazed by my
>interests (even when he doesn't share them, he thinks it's neat that I
>enjoy 'em).

Damn. There's always a catch somewhere, is't it? ;-)

>  Truthfully, though--if I exist, there must be other such
>females in the world.  This past weekend I was at a conference for
>undergraduate women in math--there were ~100 of us, and I was so *happy*
>to know I wasn't alone!  One of the girls I met (who is also a senior in
>college this year) was American, but she's into analysis (pure math only,
>though) and languages--she arguably speaks better Korean than I do, and
>also knows Chinese, and likes languages in general.  We were kept too
>busy for a lot of small talk, but I wouldn't have been that surprised if
>I'd learned she conlanged, too!  Keep looking.  :-)

I'll keep hoping an looking!

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