On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 08:54:30PM +1300, andrew wrote:
> a. Maths - English.  I've tried counting in Brithenig but I just can't
> do it naturally.  The Zen Master Aitken Roshi once observed that no
> matter how many languages people learn they revert back to their first
> language for counting.  This is true of me at least.

Interesting. I usually count in English, but I multiply numbers in
Mandarin.  :-) In fact, I am completely unable to remember the
multiplication table in English, only in Mandarin. Probably 'cos that's
how I learned it :-) Strangely, I can't multiply or add in my L1 -- only

> b. Crying - English. Spot the YAMES*

Usually English, could be my L1 but very rare.

> c. Prayer - English again, as above.  When a bad memory upsets me I
> release with a glossolalic ejaculation (decently and privately thank
> you) which may be a phrase or even just an exhalation.

English. Though I remember using Mandarin and my L1 before. Now it's
exclusively English.


Let's eat some disquits while we format the biskettes.