> Date:         Fri, 9 Feb 2001 14:30:52 EST
> From: Elliott Lash <[log in to unmask]>

>   I always (well ok, informally) address myself as Elliott when
> speaking to people. As an example:
>   Elliott really thinks that this was a bit too much about himself,
> Elliott wants to go now ...... :)

This reminds me of the style used on MU*s (realtime multiplayer text
games): By convention, all input from a player must start with the
name of the character played. And if people don't want to bother with
direct speech, you see stuff like

       Joe says happily, "Tombraider 4 on PS/2 will really rule."

       Bob chuckles and didn't know there was going to be a 4.

       Joe oopses. He said too much already and will shut up now.

This is unlike the style on IRC and 'chat rooms,' where the
participants name is prefixed to all statements. The same exchange
would look like this:

       Joe> tombraider 4 on ps2 will really rule *smiles happily*

       Bob> *chuckle* i didnt know there was going to be a 4

       Joe> oops! i said too much already... i'll shut up now

Lars Mathiesen (U of Copenhagen CS Dep) <[log in to unmask]> (Humour NOT marked)