Tommaso wrote:

>> Andreas wrote:

Oh, great. Now I'm called Andreas on this list as well. ;)
IRL pretty much everyone I know has one time or another
called me Andreas (instead of Daniel). At first I thought
it was because of my last name (Andreasson), but even
people not knowing my last name called med Andreas. Weird.
Do I look like an Andreas?


> Ok, thanks.  I just had a glimpse at your pages.
> They're very fine.

Well, they _are_ colorful and nice. Too bad I have a photo of
ugly ol' me up, ruining the overall impression. :-P

> Too bad that Rinya is not up
> right now.  When do you plan to release it?

Right now I'm so tired of Rinya. I never get anywhere with
it and I hate the phonology. It always ends up looking like
some kind of Quenya/Sindarin rip-off. Plus I have a million
other things to do. But would you believe me if I said: "ASAP"? :)

> Perfect!  I'll add a link to your pages ASAP.



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