Thanks to all you guys that replied. I'll make an all-in-one reply.

Patrick Dunn wrote:

> It has my languages Hatasoe and Hrondu, as well as the Everdarke
> languages.

Well, it's already there (if you look closely) :-)  I'll add Hrondu
though. I didn't know if you had enough on Hrondu to actually add
it. I mainly put the main languages on the links page.

Irina wrote:

> > Valdyan by Irina Rempt-Drijfhout.

> "Irina Rempt", please.

Oops. Sorry. The old link was from the time you had that D-name
attached in your e-mails. :)

Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Are you only looking for conlangs on which there's some info
> available on the 'net? If not, then you've left out my lang
> Tairezazh.

Of course I haven't forgotten about Tairezazh! But as you say,
it's not on the net. This'll give you an incentive though. :-)

Mefistofeles wrote:

> Rick Harrisons Language's Lab
> The Rick Mroneau Essays are at
> The LangMaker program is at

Thanks. I have a part on Resources as well, but I had completely
forgotten about Rick Harrison. And thanks for the correct link
to Rick Morneau's pages.

Matt wrote:

> The old TRG website disappeared into the ether, and there is
> no new one.  I'm in the middle of a major revision of the morphology,
> and am also swamped with work-related stuff right now, so it looks like
> a new web version of the TRG will have to be postponed indefinitely.

Bummer. I have an old copy printed out from August 1999, but that
doesn't help much for those that haven't one.

Sylvia wrote:

Thanks. I should've remembered. I remember it now that I see it.

David wrote:

> Diom by David Stokes

Ah, Diom, how could I forget! Sorry about that. It's added.

Daniel Seriff wrote:

> If you're putting up bunches of language sites, mine is:
> ""
> I've also got two other, younger languages, Ylank and Gl´zxf÷÷se.

That's the link I have. As I've written on my links page:

"The listed conlangs are the main ones of these conlangers, but there
may very well be many more at these sites."

And, oh, I've found Danny Wier's Calistan on my own. :)

I have a beta (like version 0.99) up at
I've forgotten the password to my old site... Everything's up except
information about Rinya and Seimi. Tell me what you think.


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