Daniel Andreasson wrote:

> Below is a list of the links to various conlangs that I
> have collected. Does anyone on this list feel left out?
> I have a nagging feeling that I'm forgetting someone,
> especially some of the newer members...

> Corfeg by Daniel Morrison.

Ohh! That's me! I've only just noticed- it was the Morrison that made me
ignore it.

Unfortunately, Corfeg is now defunct. It was heavily influenced by a
language which nolonger exists in my con-world, and so has to undergo a
major overhaul. However, Kansú is on the web at and more should follow soon (i.e.
the next few years or so...)


Ka yokonáu iti báyan: "cas'alyá abhiyo".

Ka tso iti mantabayan: "yama zaláyá
alánekayam la s'alika, cas'alika; ka yama
yavarryekayan arannáam la vácika, labekayam
vácika, ka ali cas'alyeko vanotira."
Dan Jones