> > The test, as I heard once, is:
> > A "first" lang is one that you, _when alone, by yourself_, automatically
> >                     a.  count (or do arithmetic) in
> >                     b.  cry in
> >                     c.  pray in (or whatever you do in times of great
> inner
> > turmoil)

For me:

a Italian
b Italian
c Italian (seldom use of Latin - when I recite the Rosary with mum/grandma
: )

Notice I do never insult, curse etc. in Italian, nor in Lombard. If I have
to, I switch to German (Scheisse!). I also use Latin, especially famous
authors, when I'm angry with someone ('Quousque tandem abutere patientia
nostra....' (Cicero) is simply great; I also like 'Pedicabo ego vos et
inrumabo' (Catullus), even if I'd never do that for sure : )


> For me:
> a. French
> b. French
> c. Anglo-Saxon.
> The last is rather odd, but when I'm scared I repeat over and over "Erce
> Erce, eorthan modor", which is an Old English prayer to the Goddess of the
> Earth. The first two are the language I spoke exclusively (along with
> Breton, apparantly, although I have no memory of it) until playschool.
> Dan
> -----------------------------------------------
> Ka yokonáu iti báyan: "cas'alyá abhiyo".
> Ka tso iti mantabayan: "yama zaláyá
> alánekayam la s'alika, cas'alika; ka yama
> yavarryekayan arannáam la vácika, labekayam
> vácika, ka ali cas'alyeko vanotira."
> -----------------------------------------------
> Dan Jones