Don writes:

> Hugh wrote, in part:
>> As a SWAG on this trend, you can more or less figure that
>> a Cozumel review will come along once every 2 years...
> Well, the Feb issue promises:
> Coming Up!
> Cozumel, the East Side and ...
> So, is the timing right? :)

Hmmm...the last Mexico review was ~1.5 years ago; July 1999 ("Cenote Diving
- Yucatan").

> No promise, btw, as to exactly when is "coming up."

I'd expect Coz in the next issue, although they do have ~4 months if they
want to nail the "2 years" SWAG exactly ;-)

BTW, this reminds me that you used to be able to set your clock with _Skin
Diver_ magazine by who was being reviewed that month.  October used to be
the month in which the Divi Tiara on Cayman Brac would get written up year
after year.  Of course, this was back in the days when buying advertising
space in that magazine resulted in the amazing coincidence of a favorable
multipage resort review, which allegedly doesn't happen anymore.