Dave DeBarger wrote:

Nick --

Isn't there something in the Guidelines about repeatedly posting For Sale
messages to Scuba-L?

Yes, there is, and Mr. Weis' repeated posts have grown tiresome. 

The guidelines state in pertinent part:

An occasional, non-repetitive ad of personal gear
for sale is acceptable but please place "FS" in the subject line.

Mr. Weis has posted a total of 10 times to this list, with one being a test message (a violation of the guidelines) and nine being for the purpose of selling dive gear.  By my judgement, 9 of 10 post have violated the guidelines (he gets one "FS" post), and this abusive behavior should stop.

This type of inconsiderate behavior should not be rewarded and I am asking all list members not to purchase gear from Mr. Weis.