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<<  (I'm also not suggesting that you kill for sport
 or pleasure - I hope you're not, anyway? >>

Actually I do.  However, let me clarify that.

I also put to use everything that I kill.  I or my animals eat it.

Way back when, when I made alot less money than I do now, that is how I ate
in the winter time, was hunting.

I started hunting as soon as I was tall enough to keep the shotgun from
dragging the ground.

The biggest think that my dad taught me, was if you can't clean it and eat
it, don't kill it.  Hunting, fishing or whatever.

I am genuinely amazed at the number of people who will eat it, but won't kill
it.  You would if you had no choice.  Or you would starve.

Ok, I am getting off on a tangent, I didn't plan to do that.

Anyway, yes, I enjoy the hunt.  Yes, I enjoy the kill.  Yes, I eat everything
I kill, or I don't kill it.

You have no clue the number of hogfish, triggers, and groupers I have smacked
in the butt lately, cause they weren't big enough for me to shoot---they were
legal, just not big enough for me to shoot.


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