As an adjunct to talk of spearfishing for sport, I just received the
following press release on tagging that I thought might be of interest.


In December 2000, PADI Instructors Dao-Zen Kuo, Su-Ming Tsai, and Huai-Tsang
Li assisted Dr. Tierney Thys and Dr. Heidi Dewar during research projects
conducted recently in Taiwan.

 Using rebreathers and freediving skills, the group successfully tagged two
arrow-tail mola-molas weighing 30kg and 75kg respectively off the coast of
Hualien in Taiwan, and one baby whale shark in the Peng Hu Islands off
Taiwan.  Vital information will be transmitted back to Earth via satellite
in May 2001, with hopes to unveil the mysteries surrounding these beautiful
creatures and their underwater world.

 This tagging project marks a significant point in the history of marine
research. Once we saw how a spear gun could be used to take marine life, but
now it is being used as tagging tool that can bring us closer to
understanding the habits of large sea creatures.

The support of the Institute of Marine Research in Taiwan and cooperation
from local fishermen facilitated the success of the tagging program.  We
thank all those involved and will provide updated information on the project
once available.