Brad (and others) --

This is indeed a public forum, but it is a particular type of forum -- a
membership mailing list.  And like most mailing lists, it is governed by
rules.  The rules of the list are pretty liberal, as the members here want
them to be, but one of the "biggies" is that the list is solely for the
discussion of scuba diving and related topics.  It is  not  a commercial
list, and the rules prohibit postings of a commercial nature.  Members are
allowed occasional, single posts offering personal items of scuba gear for
sale, but repeated or frequent "for sale" postings are prohibited, as are
"for sale" postings by resellers.

I don't know whether Mr. Weis is trying to clear out a very over-stocked
equipment closet or if he has a lot of surplus stock from his business to
unload (he seemed to have a lot of "new, in the box" merchandise.  Maybe he
just buys lots of gear on impulse?)  In any event, he violated list
guidelines not once, but repeatedly with his twice-a-day updates.  I am the
last one to shoulder the mantle of Net Nazi, and I was willing to ride with
Mr. Weis's abuse for several days.  Apparently others were willing as well.
But at some point somebody has to question this activity or we will
eventually become the "Scuba For Sale" list.

Sorry if I offended any other list members.  I hope Mr. Weis will not follow
through on his request to unsubscribe (although he will need to read the
guidelines at least once to find out how to do that.)  He sounded like a
reasonable guy who might have contributed valuable knowledge to Scuba-L once
he understood the local culture.

Dive safe [\],

Brad Stambaugh wrote:

> I would like to thank Robert Weis for the gear at good prices, and say
> to the list that I think it's a shame that he's gone. Peoples opinions
> vary. I was not so oversensitive, as to be bothered by his posts, and if
> others were they could have realised this is a public forum, not an
> exclusive club. And I know how to use my delete button when I need to.
> Brad

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