> > Problem is, glottalised > aspirated doesn't seem very
> > plausible to me.  My question is, how does it look like
> > to you?  Is there any known example of this kind of
> > change?
>I agree that it doesn't seem very plausible, if only because
>glottalization and aspiration involve antagonistic vocal fold
>gestures. Glottalization involves constriction of the vocal
>folds, while aspiration involves abduction of the vocal folds.

Thanks for the reply.  This confirms my doubt with little
possibility of appeal, unless someone can cite a natlang
counterexample...  My decision is taken:  no glottalized
to aspirated sound change.  I'll have to look for
something better.

>However, languages can change in some rather unintuitive ways.

Yes, this is a possibility I never forget, but this one was
just the first possibility that came to my mind.  I decided to
allow it a test drive, but I already wasn't very happy with it.

Happy conlanging,