On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 12:24:38PM -0500, Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
> Dear God, I look at y'all's wonderful lists of conlangs and think, I am
> *so* unproductive.

Don't worry, there are some of us less productive than you are ;-)

> Arakis: L2 G2 T0 C3 P4 S0
> Chevraqis: L3 G3 T1 C5 P4 S5
> Chihon: L? G1 T0 C2 P5 S5
> Meep: L0 G1 T0 C? P1 S3

Hey, at least you have more than one semi-OK conlangs... my own conlang is
undergoing some crisis right now; I'm thinking of revamping the entire
phonology and perhaps large parts of the grammar.


Fact is stranger than fiction.