>> L - lexicon
>> G - grammar
>> T - text corpus
>> C - conculture
>> P - phonology
>> S - script

For Veldan (the reference dialect, newly posted on the web): L=2  G=4  T=0  C=3  P=1  S=0

Others from the same RPG world (not posted yet):
Senatorial Veldan: L=2 G=1 T=0 C=3 P=1 S=0
Veldan capitol-city "vulgar" dialect: L=1 G=1 T=0 C=3 P=1 S=0
Cal Pol Ling: L=1 G=2 T=0 C=3 P=1 S=0
Ceranese: L=1 G=2 T=0 C=3 P=1 S=0
Taroan: L=1 G=1 T=0 C=1 P=1 S=0

[You can probably tell that I've spent rather less time on phonology and scripts.... :)]

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CCS !l cG:R:S:B: a++ y0 n4d:2d6 !R A-- E- L- N1
Isv k+ ia@ p m++ o P-- d? b? Veldaneas Lingwas