Christophe Grandsire sikayal:

> En réponse ŕ Jörg Rhiemeier <[log in to unmask]>:
> > I see no problem with this.  If understand you correctly, you mean
> > having a single case for both subject and direct object, plus several
> > oblique cases, and tell subject and object apart by word order.
> > Right?
> > I think such languages actually exist.  (If I am not mistaken,
> > Rumanian
> > is one of them.)
> >
> > Jörg.
> Well, of course I should have thought of Rumanian! It had striked me when I had
> discovered that it had cases but didn't distinguish nominative from
> accusative... Still, doesn't it sometimes use the preposition "pe" to mark the
> object of a verb?

Yep.  The marker 'pe' is mandatory when the object is a person, and it's
optional elsewhere, especially when emphasis is needed or the word order
is weird.

Vreau o carte.
I-want a book.

Pe o carte vreau.
[ACC] a book I-want.

The second one isn't exactly normal spoken Romanian, but it's grammatical.

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