Hey guys, I just got back from a trip. It seems I do my best conlanging on the road. I dont know if this is new, and since my reach of real languages is short I do not know if it is something I created or not.
In my language, most verbs are regular words. But some more common ones, (forms of be, make) are attached to the nouns which do the actions.
An example is the verb for be is -slo
If I wanted to say "I am man" I would do as follows.
pa (long a) is the pronoun for I,
pa + tah (ergative case) + -slo + -ntel (the present tense ending) akee + ma(long a) (absolutive ending)
the final sentence would be
"patahslontel akeema"
Is this new? Or did I reinvent the wheel :)