At 08:38 16/02/2001 EST, Karla wrote:
>Do you carry a snorkel?

Yes, and no  :-)

>If you don't, why?

Not on my mask.  Interferes with seal (particularly as I keep my mask strap
under my hood to avoid loss, a trick I learnt on this list BTW). As others
have mentioned, interferes with deployment of primary reg, is an
entanglement risk, tempting morsel for marine life (and bits of wreck,
kelp, etc too) to latch onto (with the potential of loosing the mask).
Most of all I don't feel I need it.  Most times on the surface I am
"directing traffic" or chucking my gear on.  If I need to "snorkel" face
down while using SCUBA gear I just leave my reg in.

>If you do, where do you keep it?

I keep it inside my single tank adapter.  Look at my development site under

My old snorkel (pictured) was easy to deploy from this location.  My new
one is a tighter fit and may not be.  Really I carry the snorkel for
insurance reasons (as a DM) and for the rare times I get to go for a
snorkel between dives.



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