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>3. Line sport fishermen. My problem with this is the cruel treatment fish
>receive being hauled in by rod and reel. How would you like to have a steel
>spike driven through your cheek, and be pulled the length of a football
>field on your belly by that spike? Or even worse, you might have that spike
>stuck in your throat. Then when you reach the goal line, the spike is ripped
>out and you are held underwater to drown. Or if you are lucky, the spike is
>wrenched out and you can go play some more on the playground until someone
>else spikes you again. That would simulate the fish's experience being

Could be worse.  A big ugly bloke with a beard might kiss you before
throwing you back (Aussie subscribers will get this one)  :-)

On the Tweed River training wall there is a sign that reads "No
spearfishing - Fine $10,000".  If you dive the reef and wall in front of
the sign (a popular spot for SCUBA training) the bottom is a tangle of
fishing line, hooks and sinkers.  In one dive I collected over two and a
half kilo's of sinkers at another local dive site (in an area no bigger
than a quater of a tennis court).  I've never spearfished (always prefered
to look or take photo's) but IMO there is something fundamentally wrong
with fisheries management in this country (and others).  Explain to me also
why it's legal to line fish in a marine reserve where any other type of
collecting is banned?  This is a rhetorical question BTW, there is
obviously no logic involved (other than the twisted logic of expediency).


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