>> I did NOT by the way write back to my friend and call him an asshole. Nor
>> did I do so with any of the other two dozen persons responsible for sending
>> the virus to me later in the day.  I did, however, politely inform them of
>> the problem and made suggestions to them as to what to do about it.  The
>> anonymity of the internet seems to breed a brand of cowardly boldness.  I
>> doubt that the person who called me an asshole would have said it to my
>> face.
>I can appreciate the fact that you were more polite in your
>response. Personally I just deleted all the copies that I recieved but
>everyone of them was deleted with the smile and the asshole
>thought. Smile for knowing that ya'll got caught with your pants
>down and asshole for getting caught.
>I asked the question because I certainly believe that you were
>negligent also. You "assumed" that it was ok. .....

Hi All

For what it is worth the following is what I posted to Mr Phelps after he
got his knickers in a knot about me calling him a nasty name. I WILL NOT
post his blubbering reply that prompted this post or the ranting he replied
to it. I DO NOT take lightly the posting of PRIVATE EMAILS to a public
discussion group, unlike some others around here. I think I tried to be
civil. :-)


You claim to be a "victim" here. I disagree. If you are going to
participate in a forum where you have the access to many, many peoples
computers, who you do not know :-), you have the responsibility to ensure
YOU conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. In this day and age computer
viruses are a fact of like. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are
running a CURRENT virus detection program. I do not know what you are
running or how current it is, but it obviously is not good enough. Many
people buy a program, install it and think that is good enough, not so. I
run McAfee ActiveSheild which I puchased and downloaded online and receive
updates everyday, so I am running the most current version at all times.
Yes, my program caught the virus, but that necessitates me running a
complete scan on all on my drives and all of my files after deleting the
nasty one. Yes, that is time consuming and annoying, thus the histrionics.
Yes, literally millions have been infected by this virus, but ONLY because
inconsiderate people enter into world wide discussion groups without the
proper tools.

I do not know where you are either, but up here on Vancouver Island we in
fact are so courtious we ensure we have proper software for participating
in email discussion forums. :-)

Yes, I am a diver. No, I do not know Duncan Milne.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, albeit a little cool, in Victoria. I was
walking the downtown core.

Clean up my act so I do not embarrass myself, what like you have done with
you lack of virus protection?