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><< What's the difference in getting sand in a new reg or an old one?
> Learn to gear up without getting your regs in the sand.
 > >>
>I do gear up without getting sand in.  It's getting out of the water,
where I
>have the problem.

Use a bungee round your neck to preven the DV dangling.

>I use my other regs simply for other diving.  That way, I don't have to
>about them.  I have or will have tune ups done more on my beach regs, than
>will my other regs---which I have done about once every 4 months right
>My beach regs will be done about once every 3 months.

>Karla Clinch

why do you have them done every 4 months?,  if you are doing that much
diving then perhaps you need to go on a DV maintenence course?

It must cost you a fortune!



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