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 Does anyone have advise on how to plan dives?  >>


I love shore dives!  Don't get nearly enough of them!

Depending on where you are there are several considerations.

1) I have seperate gear for shore diving.  I am not about to use my $1000.00
OMS for that, I use my old Beauchat for that.  I have a seperate reg that I
use, as well as a seperate reg for my pony.

2) Check out the rules where you are at.  Some areas are off limits to shore
diving.  Others are allowed.

3) Make sure you have a a flag and float, and I would suggest an
intertube---something that you can rest on when you get tired.

4) Make sure to know your entry and exit spot.

5) I get in the water, without fins.  I go out to waist deep and put fins on.
 I then swim out about another 50 ft or so, and get my bearings, and decend.
I determine which way the current is going and swim against it!  That way,
toward the end of the dive, I can let the current carry me back.

6) Every so often I ascend and take a look around, and see where I am at.

7) Take into account the currents, and the wave actions.

I am sure that there are other things to add to this list, but that is a

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