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From: David and Judith Andrews
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Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2001 21:05
Subject: Re: FYI - Cozumel Conditions

>id rent but the gear i got in cozemel was crapt. it leaked the entire time
and my vest couldnt keep air. i figure >itd be safer to buy and then id know
the equipment. id rather be safe than sorry. couldnt i buy a configuration
>thats diverse enough i could do all aspects of diving??
The modular backplate/wing/harness approach seems to have the greatest
scope, in that it's the basic equipment for cave & wreck diving, and can be
used for normal rec diving with little or no difficulty.  You can find
examples at, among other places.  But you'll still have to
determine the size wing(s) you'll need.

As for regs, ScubaPro's Mk20 first stage and G250/G500 second stages are
suitable for a very wide range of diving - ice diving being the only
exception I can think of at the moment.  I'm sure others here on the list
can provide info on equivalent regs by other firms.

As you can imagine, the versatility of the b/w/h setup and the SP regs
doesn't come cheap.