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 In so many regions of Asia - and not too far from our doorstep here in Oz -
 people justify using dynamite in order to catch the food that they need to
 sustain themselves and their families.  It's hard to argue against their
 need.  But if it's allowed to continue there won't be any sustainable fish
 stocks.  And that's how I regard spearfishing while using scuba.  At least,
 when free-diving, the kill ratio is reduced.  :-)

GDAY my friend,

Strike, it depends on what kind of fish I'm after to what the kill ratio is.
If I'm after grouper then I'M VERY LUCKY TO GET ONE on a dive. Having to
judge the ever changing size limitations, and being in 100+ fsw you don't get
that much time. I usually just say to hell with it and keep my head in the
rocks looking for lobster.

Every fish we have has size limitations (as they should have) but to identify
species, judge size, and then get a shot off (again in deeper water) while
the kill window is open is probably alot more "sporting"  than just about any
other type of fishing methods I can think of.

For years I would take the shock cord off of my gun and then just shoot "free
shaft" meaning NO shock cord of any type. If every time you pull the trigger
you have the chance of losing your shaft or if you forget and let go of your
wooden gun and watch it race to the surface leaving you on the bottom with
alot of laughing fish then you get to be an accurate shot. I now use the red
auto coils but wouldn't hesitate to going back to free shafting.

I'm not like most spearfishermen I know of. I won't shoot unless I get a head
shot thus almost always quarantining the kill. With me free shafting all of
those years I've gotten to where I can almost always hit the head and more
then half of the times a brain shot to where they don't even know their dead.

I, like Karla have got very strict standards before I "pull the trigger".

Now on your nemesis the Triggerfish, Strike you'll be glad to know that they
are STUPID fish as well as Amberjacks. If I wanted to this fish is so easy to
wipe out and I have trouble with people who do this. With these fish all you
have to do is kill one and pin him in the sand and 10 generations of triggers
line up to view the body (more like swirls around) and then you can just sit
and pick them off. This I agree with you is not sporting and the kill ratio
goes up tremendously. Same with Amberjacks but when you kill a 30 lb fish the
fight they have and how hard it is to string them or stack them so they don't
swim away with your kill greatly reduces your shoot time Plus you have to be
very careful with these fish because they can inadvertently kill you.  My
only close call by a fish killing me was with an amberjack.

Take care my good friend and tell your beautiful wife hello for me.