<< Sometimes magazines publish guides on good shore dives in an area. >>

In south Florida we have a wonderful book that was put together by a fellow,
and it goes though all the snorkeling/beach diving in the Ft.
Lauderdale/Pompano/Deerfield Beach/Jupiter areas.

<< I'm luke warm about flags/floats.  I will use them in training dives or
 organised dives (ie. paying customers) but for diving with friends I
 generally don't use them.  Why not?  Well several reasons. >>

Florida regs require a flag when diving.  You can get a pretty heavy fine, if
caught diving without one.

<<Yep, very important you can get out again.  Also have an alternate exit
 point so you have an escape route if conditions deteriorate (paticularly on
 rocky shores where waves can make exits tricks/dangerous).  Local knowledge
 plays a part (which way the currents run, etc).>>

Excellent point.  I had forgotten that!

<< As others have said, don't do this.  Learn to navigate properly.  Getting
 shallower = (usually) going toward shore, sand ripples (usually) run
 parallel to shore (as do waves, surge).  At night the lights of houses, etc
 can be a guide to where you are.  The type of benthos (stuff growing on the
 bottom) may change with depth, distance from shore, take note of things
 like this.  A compass is handy, get bearings on features and work out the
 general lay of the site.  Employ your natural navigation skills, follow
 ridge lines (at some local site most ridges run south to north), follow the
 edge of rock shelves, etc.  Work out how far features are so you are aware
 if your off course.  So much to think about  :-)>>

Well, It wouldn't be the first time I was right, and every one else was
wrong.....VBG.  Just kidding guys.


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