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 The support of the Institute of Marine Research in Taiwan and cooperation
 from local fishermen facilitated the success of the tagging program.  We
 thank all those involved and will provide updated information on the project
 once available. >>

That's cool.  I would love to assist in a project like that down this way.

I love to spearfish....sorry, tho, Strike, I am not as enlightened as you
would like me to be.  VBG.  Just can't help myself.

You know, while on that subject.....I have always wondered why deerhunters
sit in trees and wait for deers to come along....I never did that.  I always
stalked my's Bambi.....oops, sorry, couldn't

One time, while creeping up a hill after a six point buck, that would have
feed my family for a month, I was shot in the shoulder with a bow and arrow.
I was sucessfully pinned to the ground, and had the incredible urge to yell
"Circle the wagons"  But I doubt the fellow that shot me, instead of that six
pointer, would have known what a circle was......after the arrow was removed
from my shoulder, I took it to the fellow-----it had his name etched on
it.....he never realized what he had done....

Anyway, have a great day all!

Karla Clinch
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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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