The Price Tag is....(insert drum roll here)

(in US dollars)

Halcyon Pioneer Wing/Backplate/Harness
HAL - PN36.....$505. -- This includes the backplate (aluminum or
stainless steel), harness, and wing. By buying all components at once,
you save ~ $50.. Or all components can be purchased seperately.
The 36 in the second line (above) means this wing has 36 pounds of lift.
Other wings are also available from Halcyon with more, or less lift.

SCUBA-Pro Mk-20, (first stage) and G-250 (second stage)
one thousand, fifty five dollars'll also need some other things, such as submersable pressure
gauge, and depth gauge, which will cost at least $100.

...In my humble opinion, these are excellent choices for SCUBA gear. You
may want to consider another regulater for cold water though, because SP
regulaters have a reputation for free flowing when cold. The Apeks
-sealed- first stages are a good choice for cold conditions. And I would
suggest the TX50 second stage. This is what I bought, (Apeks and
Halcyon) based on information gathered from many sources, including
excellent advice from the good people on this list. (THANKS!!)

But I would echo what others have said about waiting a while. I suggest
you do some research, to get a good idea of what's out there. While you
are getting familiar with the choices, keep your eyes open, for a good
deal on some reliable used gear, from people around you. But be
careful... it's life support equipment. Try to get to know experienced
divers in your area who you can trust. Ask around for the diving hot
spots in your area, and spend some time there.