On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Vasiliy Chernov wrote:

> So, why not exchange copies of materials which are hard to recover and
> not especially private? I mean specifically conlang-related stuff.
> I think I can reserve some 20 MB for that purpose on my poor old
> Pentium90 that I have at home. Please consider this the official
> statement of my modest contribution to Safe Conlanging Foundation.

It's a neat idea.  My boyfriend "gave" me I: drive on this computer
(er...the HD is *way* too partitioned...don't ask).  I would be willing
to back up others' files up to 20 MB or possibly more, depending, the
only caveat being *please* have another backup method, as unfortunately
my boyfriend's computer is very prone to crashing (last time we only lost
C:).  I do have my own Mac but it's short on HD space and is an old
Powerbook to boot.  :-/

As for my own files--I have 'em in handwriting, printout, backup email,
website, and HTML/.doc versions.  Call me paranoid, but I feel somewhat
safe.  :-p