Manuel S. writes:
 > The only problem with what you propose is that the DTD doesn't validate the
 > file, it says that the *id* attribute should be filled in. So I tried all
 > possible solutions: first I filled in only the *lang* attribute and
 > ERROR!!, then I tried to fill in both attributes (*lang* & *id*) and it
 > validates, and finally I tried to fill in only the *id* attribute and it
 > also validates; so I concluded that *id* was the correct one.
 > Please, tell me if this is usual or if I made some mistake.

it would help a lot if you were to give the exact snip from the document
and the error messages the parser gave you, otherwise the best one can
do is guess.

My guess is that you tried something like
<text id="es" lang="es"> and this validated, but
<text lang="es"> didn't. If so, it's because lang is IDREF, ie should
refer to a valid ID. For lanugages, you should define them in the TEI
header, something like:

      <language id="be">Byelorussian</language>   <!--SLAVIC-->
      <language id="bg">Bulgarian</language>      <!--SLAVIC-->
      <language id="br">Breton</language>         <!--CELTIC-->
      <language id="ca">Catalan</language>        <!--ROMANCE-->
      <!-- etc -->

Hope it helps,

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