Peter Flynn writes:
 > that scope. The risk is therefore that some aspects of XML/XSL/etc
 > will become less easy to bind into the eventual XML version of the
 > full TEI if we are trying to adhere strictly to the standards.

Peter, you raise this again about "XML version of the full TEI". Can
*you* explain what aspects of TEI work you cannot do in XML, with the
current system of deriving DTDs?

Is anyone on TEI-L genuinely waiting to use XML because of a perceived
lack of XML support in TEI? if so, could they step up and explain the

Are any of you being held up because you are waiting for TEI Schemas of
some flavour, be they W3C, Relax, Trex, whatever?

As I remarked to Lou Burnard earlier today, I am probably unique on
TEI-L in never having used TEI in its SGML incarnation, only in XML:-}


PS Yes, I can think of some problems myself, but I want to see what
*you* think.....