Frank George Valoczy wrote:
> Well here is what I have for warNalyaN q@l@ (i spelt it wrong in the
> previous post =/ )
> Phonetics:
> vowels:
> a o u @ i

Why not use {e} for /@/?

> ll (welsh ll - ascii?)

/K/, incidentally, my latest conromancelang has that sound, written as
{tl}, with the voiced equivalent written {dl}.  Descended from clusters
of stop+l/r (hence the spelling, thru an intermediate phase of /tl/ and

> q - qw (bloody hell...the one below velar...i forget...)


> Augmentative: -hya
>         /to/ "lake" ~ /tohya/ "(inland) sea"

How are /hy/ and /hw/ realized phonetically?  Are they simply /h/
followed by a glide, or are they, say, palatal and bilabial voiceless

> Diminutive I: -ko
>         /to/ "lake" ~ /toko/ "pond, pool"
> Diminutive II: - kocha
>         /to/ "lake" ~ /tokocha/ "puddle"

Do, Diminutive II is smaller than Diminutive I?

> process of an action: -wa
>         /maqak/ "to hunt" ~ /maqawa/ "the hunt, hunting"

Is -k an infinitive ending?

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