Well, I have received a lot of constructive ideas for the comparison of
adjectives. As I'm still recovering from my heart problems (though home from
hosptial) I can't go back through everything that everyone has said.

There big things jump out

0. Positive, comparaitve, superaltive, hyperlative.

1. Name things such that each is inherently obvious as being greater/lesser
than the other.

2. Create an infinite system wherein comparisons can be made ad nauseum if
necessary to prove which is the greater of the greater

3. Use as system of positive intensive and absolute. This is different from
the "standard" in the subject but is intriguing as well.

I am most intersted in an open ended system such as point #2 above where
there is  no inherent absolute. I have heard the saying, "This is as good as
it gets," regarding reaching the possible pinnacle of pleasure. However,
time and again, the world has proved that "the best" can be improved upon
and, conversely, the worst can easily degrade to something even worse.

It seems to me that bearing the above possibility of improvement/degradation
of a condition or attribute leaves the necessity of "the best/worst" but
"more is possible (good or bad)"

I'm used to thinking in a linear fashion wherein P. C. S. would be


But this is far too restrictive. It feels as though some sort of exponential
process may be necessary such as in the Richter scale where each degree is
10 greater than the previous degree, with no inherent end in sight. (Someone
mentioned this idea as well)


(Hope my illustrations to mess up in email programmes!)

Obviously, more percolation and rumenation on my part is in order.

Happy conlanging to you all and thanks to those who have contributed over
and over while I'm still working through recovery my heart problems.

Scott Hlad