* Andrew D Chaney said on 2001-03-21 07:56:16 +0100
> On Tuesday, March 20, 2001, at 03:01 PM, Andreas Johansson wrote:
> > Anything above 20C is warm! Anything above 25C is hot! Cold is 0C
> > and less.
> Well, that's fully 33 degrees latitude into The Great White North...
> Watch out for Yeti. :)
> Anything below 15C is cold.
> Anything below 0C is too cold.
> About 20C is ideal; 26C is warm; 33C is hot; 38C is too hot.

<grumpy young fart>You pansy :) betcha you haven't ever had to dig
yerself out of yer house in winter either, eyh?</grumpy young fart>

I currently live at aprrox. 63.5 degress latitude, by the coast:
Anything below -10C is cold
Anything below -15C is too cold
(Schools close at -30C)
About 15C is ideal, 20C is warm, 25C is too hot and anything above
  30 is reason to stay indoors by the fridge.[*]
-5C, no wind and sunny weather is tshirt-time btw.

Bloody strange weather we've been having lately, almost feels like inland;
too much snow and too much variation in temperature. Maybe the effects of
the ocean are on prolonged vacation...

[*] And to think I survived in the Middle East for a year, sheesh...

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