Bac in the day I was a Mac man (I wish I still was!) I made fonts
Devanagari and Old Cyrillic and Glagolitic on the Mac, using ResEdit. It
just like drawing a picture in just open the resource fork
of one font you already have and change the images...

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, The Gray Wizard wrote:

> I use Fontographer which I bought several years ago.  Don't know if its
> available for the Mac and can't recall how much it cost.  I remember trying
> a shareware program who's name escapes me at the moment ( a senior moment I
> suppose).  It was cheap, but I gave up on it after trying to figure how it
> worked.  The docs were poor to nonexistent.  Fontographer worked quite well
> for me and I was able to create the tal eglar (amman iar's native script)
> fairly easily.
> David
> David E Bell
> The Gray Wizard
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> >     How do you guys create your own fonts for your languages?  Or do you?
> > The only way I've been able to find is to download the demo of
> > Fontlab (for
> > Mac), which costs $399 (a lot for me), and, since you can't save anything,
> > buy Typetool, which costs $99, and then simply design the fonts on Fontlab
> > and save them on Typetool.  Is there any affordable way to make fonts?  I
> > always have a feeling that there's a free way to do anything, yet this...
> > And, of course, if I'm talking to people using computers named after
> > castrated men, then I'll probably get no help at all, unless you
> > guys know of
> > Macish troubles...
> >
> > -Jenesis
> >

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