Ferenc Valoczy wrote:
>This little thing annoys me too, namely, that "Yugoslav" today is assumed
>to mean "Serb", though besides Serbs there are there a large number of
>Hungarians (some 4% of the population) and also Romanians, Bulgarians,
>Croats, Sanjak Muslims, Goranci, Macedonians, Slovaks, Turks, Egyptians
>and others, making the Serb population of Yugoslavia only about 80%.

Don't forget the Montenegrins - they've even got a republic of their own
within the federation. Or do Goranci perhaps mean the same as Montenegrins -
I don't think I've seen the name before?

>the term "Kosovar" meaning only "Albanian from Kosovo", thus excluding all
>others who live(d) there, like Serbs, Croats, Turks, Hungarians,
>Macedonians and others; though it seems recently this problem is being
>solved by the Albanians there =/

Hm, I thought "Kosovar" was the catch-all term, while the majority are the
"Kosovo-Albanians". Am I misinformed or have the usuage changed?

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