>Hm ... Is _Erion_ "alone-son"? I can't seem to figure out any other
>reasonable meaning. _Telepalda_ is clearly "Silvertree", any connection to
>_Celeborn_? If so, did you know that JRRT changed the meaning of that to
>"silver-tall", which'd be *_T(y)eleporno_ in Quenya.
>                                                  Andreas

Erion is alone (er=alone and ion=is used as a masculine name sufix) and
you're right about Telepalda. When I made Telepalda I was just looking for a
name with a cool translation annd a nice sound, but after I realised I had
coppyied Celeborn inadvertantly.

Salut! (Français)
Orelë! (Bírhrhalin [my own language])
Namárië! (Quenya)
Farewell! (English)
Qa'pla'! (tlhingHol)

Tim Judge
Erion Telepalda

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