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> > > Korea says "Migeuk" for Americans, meaning the U.S. (since Koreans
> > > generally have a lot more experience of U.S. people--generally
> > > folks--than other Americans).  I don't know where it comes
> > from, though I used to.  But if you say "America" you'll probably be
> understood.
> Well in Japanese it's "beikoku" which is derived from bei (Japanese
> of the Chinese term derived from "America" 's 2nd syllable) plus koku or
> country.

Really? Most Japanese I have met would call it 'amerika'. About the only
time you'll find that kanji used (and the corresponding pronunciation) is in
a newspaper headline, where the single kanji (no 'koku' kanji) will be used
to indicate that country. Similarly, England/Britain (no distinction made in
Japanese) is 'igirisu', expect that the 'ei' kanji is used in newspaper

I believe the 'mi' in Korean 'miguk' comes from the same kanji. In Korean
(as opposed to 'in Korea'), 'amerika' is considered to be a geographical
area, if it is considered at all. I never noticed any Koreans use the word,
expcept when speaking English.

The gods have a way of blowing off mistakes of that kind as some sort of
grand scheme.