En réponse ŕ Jim Taylor <[log in to unmask]>:

> Italian
> and Dutch. I have a strong interest in constructed languages and
> auxiliary
> languages, especially Volapuk (I know it's very outdated and a bit
> strange,
> but I think it's got great character!)

I agree! As a conlang it's a really interesting language (it has the same
flavour as my Azak - though I designed Azak while I knew nothing about Volapük -
: lots of endings that you can put as much as you want on a stem, making very
long words :), but very refined meanings). As an auxlang, it is quite flawed
though (not from its character itself but from the identity of the ones who
would be candidates to learn an international language. Unless Finnish,
Hungarians and Estonians take over Europe, agglutinating languages with lots of
cases and conjugation suffixes won't be preferred :)) ). Still, I don't like how
most Esperantists treat Volapük, while they usually never read a grammar of it
or even looked at a text in it!

 and Esperanto, which I enjoy
> speaking
> and using regularly.

I wish I could do it more often, but I don't have much spare time, and usually
not at a moment when I can meet Esperantists...