> Now that I think of it, I wonder if Narbonósc could not fit into Ill Bethisad.
> After all, all that it needs is less will for linguistic uniformisation (which
> is characteristic of Ill Bethisad :) ) and to put more importance to the South
> of France during History than *here* (among other things, exchange the roles of
> Lyon and Paris compared to what they are *here*, i.e. *here* Paris is the
> capital and Lyon the second most important town in France. In Ill Bethisad it
> could be the contrary). That wouldn't change much things, the Revolution could
> still take place (in another place though :) ), but would have less
> uniformisation tendency. The linguistic map of France would look like that then:
> in the North, dialects of French (Franceósc :) ), among them Parisian French and
> Norman French are the most important. In the South, Narbonósc and its dialects.
> As I see it on the maps, Brittany would have Breotu, while in the South-West
> Basque could be given more place.
> So what do you think? Would the powers that be accept France as I described it
> as part of Ill Bethisad?

If it were up to me, I'd say sure, so long as France can come to help
Dalmatia at its time of greatest need in 1916, when the proud state is
holding on only to a small area between Campa da Miarle (Kosovo Polje) and
Scutara (Shkoder)...


Ferenc Gy. Valoczy

Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka.

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