Marv writes:
> Whoops, to correct myself, its strange to say that the risk
> of dying from living is greater than swimming as you are
> presumably living in order to swim.

I think I understand...and I think I see the cause for the apparent
confusion - I saw it too.  I think its because the metric of comparison has
been normalized by time:

> > >                                               fatalities
> > >   Activity                                   per million hrs
> > >   --------                                   ---------------

Case in point, for "just living":

> > >   Living (all causes of death)                    1.53

Since you can only die once, you can work the math backwards and find that
the number of hours of life per fatality is 653,594...roughly 74.5
years...which is just about right.

FWIW, for the Scuba line:

> > >   Scuba Diving                                    1.98

The metric is higher because the "per event" times for scuba (or skydiving
:-) are shorter than our entire life...its the smaller denominator that
makes for the higher incidence rate.

If you mix this all up with the average of ~100 deaths/year and DEMA's
estimate of 2-3 million divers, it means that all "active" divers are
throwing 25-16 hours of bottom time into the pool each year.  Doable, but
probably a bit more "active" than DEMA's definition, which makes for a few
interesting questions as to who is really doing how much and what.