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> No eggs at breakfast? How do you live?!?!?

French people eat usually only sweet at breakfast (when they take any
breakfast). So it's a lot of bread with butter, jam, also croissants, pains au
chocolat, etc... The egg at breakfast is very exceptional but exists. Then it's
generally a soft-boiled egg. French people have quite an original way to eat
eggs :) .

 Well, at least you've seen
> the error in your ways. ;-)

Only because I like salty better than sweet. So at my breakfasts I mix
everything (not at the same time of course). I even eat camembert at breakfast
:) .

> No cheese, either? I thought the French all eat cheese all the time.
> There goes one stereotype.

Very true. But you can replace it by the fact that French people eat a lot of
bread. So much that in most restaurants bread is free, as well as water.

> Well, for all that list has done, at least it's helped prove
> sterotypes
> wrong. And that's a good thing.

Always :) .