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> >
> > No eggs at breakfast? How do you live?!?!?
> French people eat usually only sweet at breakfast (when they take any
> breakfast). So it's a lot of bread with butter, jam, also
> croissants, pains au
> chocolat, etc... The egg at breakfast is very exceptional but
> exists. Then it's
> generally a soft-boiled egg. French people have quite an original
> way to eat
> eggs :) .
>  Well, at least you've seen
> > the error in your ways. ;-)
> >
> Only because I like salty better than sweet. So at my breakfasts I mix
> everything (not at the same time of course). I even eat camembert
> at breakfast
> :) .

I don't find this at all peculiar.  This American and his German wife had
camembert and grapes for breakfast this morning.  A quite common fare for
us.  When we do have eggs, they are always soft boiled.


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