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************   NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION   ******************
             Conference Programme available

            XVth International Conference
                      of the
      Association for History and Computing (AHC)

      "New Methodologies for the New Millennium"

             Adam Mickiewicz University
                  Poznan, Poland

                 28-31 August 2001



The International Association for History and Computing
invites all historians interested in using computer methods
as well as computer specialists interested in history
to take part in the conference in Poznan, Poland. It will be
the 15th international conference organized by the AHC and
the second one taking place in Central-Eastern Europe.

The Conference fee is only:

   200 EUR / 120 GBP / 180 USD / 700 PLN

and it covers the costs of:

  - accommodation (students' dormitory)
  - meals (breakfast, lunch, supper)
  - banquet (Kornik castle - including transport)
  - Conference materials

The AHC Board will sponsor half of the fee for 10 students
(graduate, postgraduate or doctoral).

More details, the Conference Programme and registration
form can be found at the AHC-2001 Conference Web site:



Information processing technology has been used by avantgarde
historians for half a century but it is only in recent years
that practically all members of the historical community
started to perceive the Computer as an indispensable tool and
the Internet as a new publishing medium and a virtual library.

This new situation that historians have to face must be
reflected in parallel evolution of historical methodologies
and the philosophy of history itself. The XVth International
Conference of the Association for History and Computing will
provide a forum to discuss these issues as seen through
different approaches to history and from different research
perspectives. It is hard to visualise the Post-Millennial
Historian without a computer as his/her main research tool, so
the methodological issues discussed will have considerable
importance for the future of historical scholarship as a whole.

***********************  DEADLINES  *************************

Registration and Conference fee must be received by July 15th.

Students requesting the AHC sponsored reduced fee should
supply their professors' opinion by July 1st at the latest.


All registrations should be submitted electronically via
the Conference Web site:

The contact for all matters connected with the Conference is:

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or (if really necessary) via standard mail:

     AHC 2001
     Instytut Historii UAM
     sw. Marcin 78
     61-809 Poznan