Chuck wrote:

>  This past weekend I had the opportunity to
> actually try it (had a Rescue class I was working with.)


Was this a rescue attempt for real or a practice session.  If it was the
real thing I am very curious about the details.  Then I can not imagine
trying to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without being able to totally
clamp off the nose.  Even with a mask with the nose hole (for lack of the
proper term) there isn't enough room for the mask, your hand, and your head.
I would think that both people's masks would need to be off to do this and
unless you are very good you would lose a lot of air out of your own nose.

How did it work out in practice?  I had the opportunity to do mouth-to-mouth
on a cold dead woman (it was a liability situation for a nursing home) one
of the more pleasant of the repugnant things I had to do while employed by
the loathsome money grubbing corporate nursing homes. *stepping off my soap
box*)  With no water in sight it was extremely difficult to do and I have
had a lot of practice on the doll.

Were you underwater or on top of the water when you were doing this?


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